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MINI square MINI 8 * 4 * 5 MTC series

Issuing time:2020-06-24 11:14

Fuse the advantages of small squares: 8 * 4 * 5

A large number of production! Height is only 5 mm, 40% lower than the 8 * 4 * 7.7 height

Has the UL certification: E340427 REOMAX

1. Reduce labor costs, braid design, convenient manual machine operation

Traditional insurance tube 3.6 * 10 mm in the process of production, in addition to give insurance cover on heat shrinkable tube, heat with heat gun, let its shrinkage, but also to the corner, shear Angle. The process is complex, tedious, and controllable low. If an accident in the production, resulting in glass tube burst, burst of debris can also affect the other components.

The square MTC in the process of production, can be directly use machine instead of manual, no cumbersome process, plug and play doesn't need to fold the foot and the additional costs of jacketed heat shrinkable tube, and have more advantages in speed, this is the research and development of the industry power supply design engineer first consider the first of the main factors. High reliability and stability of the solder is the assurance of product quality.


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